1. Underground River
P 1,500.00/pax

2. Tabon Cave
P 1,600.00/pax
3. Estrella Falls
P 1,400.00/pax
4. Turtle Island/Estrella Falls w/ side trip to Miraculous Images
P 2,750.00/pax
5. Honda Bay Island Hopping
P 1,100.00/pax
6. Day Tour Dos Palmas Resort
P 1,800.00/pax
P 2,500.00 / Foriegn
7. City Tour w/ Snack
P 600.00/pax
8. Firefly Watching
P 1,000.00/pax with dinner
9. Dolphin Watching
P 900.00/pax
  Rates can vary without prior notice. For inquiry and special discounts please┬ácontact us.